Keeping the public safe from security threats.

According to a study conducted by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs , the most frequent accidents in the home are caused by falls (41.4 percent), crushing, cuts and tears (22.6 percent), blows or shocks (13, 0 percent), due to thermal effects or burns (9.6 percent) and physical exertion or exhaustion (4.2 percent).

Therefore, some simple and easy advice to follow for all families in the home with the aim of preventing this type of domestic accidents.

7 child safety tips at home

The main cause of childhood accidents within the home are poisonings, which occur mostly accidentally. According to the INT (National Institute of Toxicology), the main products involved in these intoxications of minors are medicines, followed by cleaning products, cosmetics, and household products. And they occur orally in 90 percent of cases. Children under 3 years old are the ones who suffer most from poisoning.

For this and other reasons, we must try to keep the children always supervised by a responsible adult person, apart from adopting some basic safety measures, advised by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs for greater safety of our children:

1. You should never leave them alone

It is necessary to avoid that they remain long alone in any room without periodic surveillance of an adult. Do not allow under any circumstances that a small child remains in the bathtub playing with the water without the proper supervision of an adult. It is necessary to fill the bathtub with the essential quantity of water and to supervise during the bath children and people with some type of disability that are at risk of falling.

2. Avoid fatal misfortunes, such as drowning

The pools, rafts or wells in the house must be fenced and their doors closed, it is advisable to protect their surface. During the summer holidays, you should not lose sight of the little ones at the beach, swimming pool. It is advisable to stimulate the teaching of swimming at an early age. You should not enter the pool abruptly, especially after eating. You have to educate the children to make a correct digestion.

3. The toys

The safe toys should not have sharp parts or sharp angles or be made of toxic materials. Their size will be large enough to prevent them from entering their mouths and swallowing them. Avoid playing in dangerous places: stairs, windows, balconies, as well as in the vicinity of holes, wells, swimming pools, etc.

4. Protect the plugs from the electrical network

There are small appliances that can be found in stores specializing in children's products, to avoid that the youngest, out of curiosity, introduce their fingers or some other small object in the plugs of the house. That could cause a shock to the electric current.

5. Monitor the use of gas stoves and ovens

Always monitor the gas cut-off valve in the kitchen. If you are not cooking, you should try to keep the key cut. The same must be done with gas stoves. You have to avoid sleeping with them on.

6. Be careful with the kitchen

Do not cook with the child in your arms or leave it on the floor near the kitchen. Burns is highly dangerous. Try to keep the child away at all costs from the kitchen.

7. Store dangerous products far away from children and babies

Place cleaning products and other potentially toxic products on shelves or upholstered furniture to prevent ingestion. Try to prevent children from having access to alcoholic beverages. No objects that pose a choking or choking hazard should be available to children (plastic bags, coins, buttons, ...). Keep medicines under lock and key.


A mother and father can discover all the recommendations they will need to maintain their kids secure online. Preserve Youngsters Secure Online - All parents are focused on how to hold youngsters protected on-line. Understanding what youngsters do on-line and the risks they face will help you keep your child safe online. All the safety tips in the world are not going to keep anybody fully safe.

Tips and advice from Web Matters on learn how to use parental controls to maintain your baby secure on-line. Age limits are there to keep children safe from predators. There are lots of great apps for maintaining your youngsters safe and they additionally help maintain your youngster protected online.
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Assist them be good digital citizens: Remind your kids to be good digital mates” by respecting private info of friends and family and not sharing anything about others that's potentially embarrassing or hurtful. Henderson a father of four, mentioned he couldn't find a safe social media application for his youngsters once they started to get on-line. Just as you do everything you possibly can to keep your kids secure in the actual world, it's also possible to assist defend them on the web.

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Useful advice and instruments you can use to help preserve your youngster secure at any time when and wherever they go surfing. One of the simplest ways to keep your family secure online, and to understand your kids's internet use, is to use the internet together.

Do you want your home to become more secure? Then you should consider installing a good security system. Presently, there are some systems in the market that can sync with your phone, laptop or computer that will show you in real time what is happening in your home. You can also use these devices to control the light, alarm system and many more in your home.
It is important that you don’t rush when selecting a residential security system. Taking your time to learn more about their features will help you determine if you should install them in your home or not.
Your Contract
There are a lot of companies that offer free security systems. Some of them are just brokers who sell the monitoring contract to the highest bidder. It is not really wise to seek the services of broker Security Company because the security systems that they sell are very expensive and is likely going to cost you more money in the long run.
Free Security System
Some security company may tell you that their security system is free. You need to have it at the back of your mind that nothing is truly free. Most of the time they are going to tell you that the free alarm system they want to install has to be funded before it could work.
Most of the time, security systems that are free usually has a monthly rate contact that is very expensive. It is best to get a system that is not too expensive and has a very low monitoring fee.
Is the security company you are hiring doing the installation?
Most home security companies act like dealers for the company that they represent. What this means is that the installation of the security system you purchase is going to be done by a third party company. It is certainly not a good idea to hire the services of a company that uses third-party technicians of installation.
Your Credit Score
Before a security system is installed in your home, most security companies will likely check your credit score. If your score does is below their minimum qualification, they will not install their systems in your home.
Final Note
There are a lot more things you need to know before choosing a residential security system. But if you apply the tips in this article, your home will be more secured.