We all know that our local locksmith can assist us in special times of need. The most common being when we have lockout ourselves out of our home or business. However one such locksmith Bondi Junction service provider is providing more for each and every of its customers.

Bondi Junction Mobile locksmiths work around the clock and boast a true 24 hour locksmith service. Being local to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney area, they can get to most locations within 20-60 minutes. Gaining entry to almost any lock is achieved quite easily by their highly skilled locksmith team. Arriving on site with their company service van, they have all required equipment on hand ready to go. They can even replace any locks you may have, unless it is a special lock that needs to be ordered in.

Once entry is gained you are also offered additional security measures of rekeying the lock in question. Just in case you have had your keys stolen or lost. Alternatively you may choose simply to have another key cut to keep a spare key hidden somewhere nearby, like in a fake rock or at a neighbours house.

More than Just a Lockout Service

That's right. There Bondi Junction locksmith specialists provide more than just being available to gain entry for lockout unfortunate victims. They also provide full security assessments which includes going over your entire property and highlighting any security risks or flaws. Often all that may be suggested is rekeying your existing locks, or maybe replacing them with newer and more advanced models. Other times they might suggest configuring your whole properties locks to operate under a master key system. This is great for large properties or businesses, so that one master key can be carried to open all locks. Perfect for the home or business owner. Then lower levels of staff or residents can have keys that allow them different levels of access around the property.

Either way your locksmith on site can discuss with you security concerns and requirements.


So if you are in or nearby to the Bondi Junction area we highly recommend the services of these highly skilled and efficient team. Not only this but they are also very reasonably priced and customer service focussed.